OK so I’m about to lay it bare, be vulnerable and real for a second. This will be one of the long posts, only because I feel I need to catch y’all up with where all this is coming from.

So I’ve always been a big girl, and I like that about myself. For most of my young life I was just the right kind of big. Not obese, not overweight, just on the dot. When I started varsity I began flirting with the overweight mark and I stuck it out until my post-grad year. After that everything went down hill and has never picked up since.

With the passing of the years I moved from double digits on the scale to triple and I’ve done all types of diets trying to get back on track. The first diet I ever committed to was in 2011, and it wasn’t for me. I gave it up pretty fast. In 2012 I went on to HERBALIFE, enjoyed it and the results, it truly worked for me, but it soon became clear to me that I was not 100 percent committed and I would cheat and feel bad, get back on, cheat and so on it went until I realized I needed to commit or stop wasting my time and money. In 2013 I went the personal trainer and eating plan route, I even did the 14-day diet in a bid to boost my metabolism, big mistake. I lost weight with the personal trainer and his eating plans and kept it off, but the results were slow and minimal and eventually I became despondent. At the end of 2014 I fell pregnant and did not dare diet for 9 months. Honestly during my pregnancy I ate any and everything I had a hankering for. If it was safe for baby it was good for me, and in large quantities might I add. Now that he’s here and breastfeeding, I spent the first couple of months eating more than I did when I was pregnant and because he is here my attention is split and I do not have time to prepare nutritious dishes and I end up eating the worst kind of food and that passes through me to him and you cannot imagine the guilt.

To be honest the only diet – in fact scratch that – the only nutritional plan that I saw great results with and which I thoroughly enjoyed was HERBALIFE. And I’m back on it J! HERBALIFE contains natural ingredients packed full of nutritious and nourishing goodness. It makes my life easier and healthier, plus I’m guilt-free whenever I have to breastfeed the baby. But I’ve galloped through this story, let me rewind a little.


Front view from Nov 2015
Front view from Nov 2015-I’m so drained!

My name is Vuvu, I’m 30 years old, 170cm tall and when I took up HERBALIFE again mid-November 2015; I was 118.4kg heavy.

Side View - I have no energy at all
Side View – I have no energy at all

My baby boy Bukhanye was born in September weighing 3.7kg. My last weigh in before giving birth had me at 130kg on the scale, 12kg fell off within two months from breastfeeding and I’m guessing it was also a lot of water retention.

Back View - this is a disaster!
Back View – this is a disaster!

Before falling pregnant I was still obese, I weighed 109kg and I had become despondent after losing only 7.6kg over the past 2 years and I had begun junking out.

Pregnancy will make you feel ugly, believe me! One almost hopes once it’s over at least your body isn’t too damaged. However nature is not that kind. Two months after my pregnancy I began searching out HERBALIFE again. In fact that’s a lie, a month before giving birth I was already working out my post-birth weight loss program, and it was all HERBALIFE.

Latest full length pic - Jan 2 2016
Latest full length pic – Jan 2 2016 – see the energy is back!!! Oh yes!

My goal weight is 70kg. This means I have to lose about 49kg.

According to my BMI [Body Mass Index], a measure of the proportion between your weight and height in which gender and age are sometimes considered, I am way over the “heavily overweight” mark.

My normal weight is 75kg or less, at that size my BMI is anything between 18.5 -25kg/m².

Anything over 25 is overweight and anything over 30 is “heavily overweight”, of course we all know what that means.

I hate how I struggle to fit into the clothes I like. How shopping ends in heartache because I’ve had to choose the clothes that add years to my age instead of showing off my young and vibrant side. I hate the feeling of constantly lacking energy. I hate what I see in the mirror knowing well enough that I can change it. Don’t misread this, I LOVE MYSELF enough to want to change the parts of me that are not a true reflection of me.

This is my weight loss journey. I’ve set myself 1 year to accomplish this. This time around my reason is simple, and that’s its power. I want to lose weight for me, I want to feel AND look beautiful, inside and out. THIS IS IT!

HERBALIFE is the best choice for me. I am a HERBALIFE independent distributor/member and should you be interested in the products, feel free to whatsapp me on 083 235 9821.

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