I’VE only ever had two facials done. The first at a skin clinic linked to the dermatologist’s office ¬†in East London when I was in high school and my mom was extremely concerned about my face and what appeared at the time to look like acne. Of course I couldn’t have cared less, that’s the beauty of being in an all girls school, some things really don’t matter until they do. However I indulged her and I was ever so glad, that facial opened my eyes to the therapy of treating your skin. Needless to say, I fell asleep during the facial, hahaha, who does that?

The second was at a spa in Durban 6 years ago. It was a full body massage and a facial. The lady used dermalogica products on my face and I was hooked. My skin literally felt like a babies behind for like a week or even more.

Both these treatments were just too expensive and it became obvious that I would not be able to sustain such a luxury, and since that realisation I’ve been looking for DIY masks and reputable beauty brands with masks that are affordable and user friendly.

I had a tradition which I honoured pretty well before falling pregnant, and I’m now claiming it back. Saturday mornings are my pamper sessions, facials, home foot spa time, painting my nails, anything that’s girly and a treat is what that time was for. So today was the official take back my Saturday Morning Routine claim back session. Oh and of course spending most of it in PJs, utter bliss I tell you, utter bliss.

Here is my first review of a store bought mask that I wish I had gotten two or more off…my skin feels brand new as I’m typing this … if you have never had this feeling or experience, please treat yourself to this gem.

The Sorbet: get that feeling Smooth Face Mask Brightening & Revitalising with Mulberry, Liquorice and Vitamin C face mask from Clicks will revive your skin for just R39.95. Imagine!

Sorbet Smooth Face Mask

So, silly old me had thought this was a liquid mask, and I was ever so excited when I realised it was an actual mask drenched in some serum because I have never tried one like this before.


STEP1: Cleanse and tone your face.


Then rip that package open. At this stage I was already buzzing with anticipation because I had no idea what I would be pulling out. As soon as I ripped the package open I was greeted with an amazing scent, when I looked closer, after failing to identify the smell might I add, I saw that it has coffee, green tea, and rose flower extracts, I must say I smelt the floral scent first.


STEP2: Remove mask from packaging, unfold and place mask sheet onto the face, and smooth on with a gentle patting motion. The serum makes the mask extremely slimy but this is comforting for me because I know for sure that my skin has something to absorb which in turn will hydrate it. And because I had cleansed and toned before putting the mask on I was also guaranteed that my pores were ready for this awesomeness.


STEP3: Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Now I always go over the prescribed time with anything that needs timing. So I saw it fit to set the timer on my phone to remind me when time was up. I could have laid on my bed and soaked it all up, but lately I’ve become the kind of person who needs to do something else while waiting on anything … that’s just because there are not enough hours in a day.


So I decided to complete the last few pages of By The Light Of My Father’s Smile by Alice Walker. And as it turned out 15-20 minutes was the perfect time for this :).


So when the timer went off it was time for the great reveal.

STEP4: Remove mask sheet and gently pat the skin to allow remaining serum to absorb.


STEP5: Any excess serum can be applied to the neck, décolletage and hands. Do not rinse off.

I decided my hands needed some rejuvenation and it felt awesome!


This is me after the process. My skin feels bouncy, smooth, and alive. I’m definitely getting myself another pack, even if it’s a once a month treat, this one is a keeper. What I liked most is that it wasn’t messy, it didn’t require massive knowledge AND it wasn’t too time consuming. Plus because it’s rinse free I get to keep this feeling all day long.

What masks have you been trying out?

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