I’M reading towards a Master’s Degree at Stellenbosh University, so that means twice a year I get to embrace the beauty of Cape Town, albeit distracted most of the time, as school usually takes first priority. This year I had the pleasure of family joining me on my trip. As financially demanding as these trips are, I managed to find a few, affordable goodies to add to my style closet.

During our only trip to Canal Walk, my younger sister Snowy and I decided to walk into Jay Jays and man was it a lucky day, two sunglasses for R100. Talk about scoring big on a sale! I also found another item there, but that will be shared later.


This is us going wild over the sunglasses at Jay Jays. I’m not sure if Snowy actually ended up getting a pair of these particular ones, but I know she did not miss out on this bargain. My other pair were aviator type sunglasses. I’ve never come across a pair that suited me thanks to my high cheek bones, it’s a Vena thing. However when I put on those particular shades, I was like, yes, oooh yes!


That’s the pair Snowy went with.


I went through a phase when these were the only shades – out of only 4 that I own (I used to have a crazy collection, some broke, others got lost and of course the occasional few got stolen, so I’m starting all over again) I was wearing like every day, rain or sunshine, LOL. You know when you have that new thing that just goes with everything and you simply just can’t put it down. That was me with these. I will say I’ve calmed down a notch since, so they make an appearance like one week a month now…maybe I should focus on this collection.

Anyway. So have you ever struck gold at a bargain sale? Do share!

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