MY skin has experienced both ends of the spectrum, extreme in both instances. I remember as a teen I was awkward about how my skin broke out at the peak of puberty and for some odd reason I made it okay to stay with permanent rash and spots on my face. I really didn’t care for beauty much now that I think back. I wore make up for the first time 10 years ago, in varsity in my last year of undergrad. Needless to say, because I owned no powder or foundation of my own, I looked like a ghost off to the prom, and as far as I was concerned, I was the prettiest girl in the room.

Although over the years I’ve learnt how to better place my make up, what drew me to the whole process in the first place, over and above the therapeutic power is the fact that every single time, with out fail, when I put make up on, I feel like the bell of the ball.

My skin was more forgiving back then. Warming up to my 30’s, life, hormones and other conditions have made my skin extremely sensitive, and throw in those pregnancy hormones and boy oh boy is that a cocktail! Whereas in the past I was breaking every rule possible, even comfortably sleeping with some make up on, sharing powders and sometimes even brushes, these days I wouldn’t be caught dead fiddling with anything coming to my face that wasn’t mine.

So with those lessons I’ve had to learn to better care for my skin. Being an avid YouTube stalker, I had my eye on the market for the arrival of Micellar water in South Africa, I remember reading about it in a magazine late last year, before actually buying it, and I was like, I know me, I don’t like messing with the sleep fairy, once she hits I obey, so this was the perfect solution. LOL little did I know that you had to be awake to some degree for this as well.

This is the first day I tried it out:


I got mine from Clicks for R79.99 in November last year. I chose the pink cap one, it removes make-up, cleanses, and soothes. It’s suitable for face, eyes, and lips and it has no added perfume plus it is is hypoallergenic. It formed part of my January Favourites list on YouTube!

The 400ml bottle is enough for 200 uses. All you need to do is apply the water to a cotton pad and wipe the areas where you want to remove make up from. No rinsing is required. I’ll be the first to say that if you are the type of person, like me, who puts on a lot of product when doing make up, then you will need to do this process more than once to ensure a thorough clean. Generally I do it until the cotton ball or pad comes up clean, some days that’s four cotton pads, others it’s just two.

Generally though, I love the fact that this little lifesaver has no scent and how easily it removes the make up, I feel like I haven’t done anything when I’m done and it leaves my skin feeling cleansed, supple and hydrated. Oh and of course it affords me the chance to admire myself in the mirror while thinking of what colour to put on my lips the next day :p!


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