August 2, 2016

WHEN MY mom saw me in this outfit, she looked at my 10-month-old son and in Xhosa insinuated that I will deny that I’m his mom and looked at me and told me that I’m looking like a 16 year old, to which I said “That’s the aim”.
Thanks to my healthy lifestyle choices this year I’ve managed to lose 10kg and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight…which was also in the obese range…but get this, I feel so victorious because through Herbalife I ┬ámanaged to get rid of all my baby fat before my son turned 1. I know women who battle with this for years on end and their children start primary school and they are still talking about baby fat. So I feel entirely accomplished. Look out for a proper blog entry on my Herbalife journey so far, you won’t regret it. But for now, this is for fashion. I’m wearing a dress that I only ever wore on one occasion before I could no longer fit into it, then one evening last month I thought to try it on and I was amazed, it actually fit better than it did when I first had it made.
The dress is made by a talented lady, Nondwe Mpendulo [find her on Facebook] from Mthatha [my home town] in the former Transkei, in 2014. The jewellery/art pieces were bought by Andile Nduna [aka BAE *giggles* at the recent National Arts Festival in Grahamstown this year, which I unfortunately missed], the maroon bracelet I got as a gift from my little sister Snowy :))) [P.S I love gifts hahaha, and I use them so they never go to waste, trust], the shoes I bought years ago, 4 or so years to be exact, from Woolies, I do not recall how much they cost, their shoes are among the most comfortable I’ve ever owned, so do have a look see, you could find something special and timeless. And the watch is from Dj Zinhle’s Era collection which I bought in 2013 for just under R400 at the time.

IMG_7971IMG_7977IMG_7970IMG_7958IMG_7969IMG_7957PHOTO CRED: Pollie Plaatjie

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