I’M A firm believer in taking care of one’s skin. For me, true beauty is a matter of radiance, and truth be told we live in very industrial and therefore polluted times and our skins go through the most during the day and the week, further more, as women there’s the matter of make-up and PMS, and hormones and all kinds of other things working against that radiance, so it is highly important that we take some time out to take care of our skin. Because we live such hectic lives, usually for me that time is during the weekend…I have a few masks and I’ve never ventured into the technology side. I have been dreaming long and hard about the Clarisonic for about two years now, when it finally came to South Africa and was retailing for something ridiculous like R2 000 or more, I decided to calm that dream down until the time was right … don’t get me wrong, I still dream about it, but now I’m dreaming with a vision as to when and how to get it. I’m glad we have it in South Africa because that dream has become a little easier. But Alas, I divert!

So I was super duper excited when Clicks and Sorbet sent me these goodies a few months ago. I’ve used them on a few occasions and always what has marvelled me has been how soft and thick my skin feels after the treatment. In my YouTube video I mention the wipes because that’s the only product I’ve finished so far, but in all honesty, collaboration aside, these products are to die for, and I will not be caught dead without them.

Anyway, without further ado… here’s what I got.

IMG_2203This is my routine:

IMG_2194I’ve used this Sorbet Salon Skin 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil as a make-up remover a few times, and it is magical. The fragrance in these products make you believe you are lying in some spa and getting a world class session. Sometimes I cleanse my skin with a non-oil-based cleanser first, but that’s really not necessary. You can apply this product straight onto your dry skin. It has Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamins A, C & E! Grab your cleanser right now…tick off the difference lol! This is a great treat to have, it doesn’t only cleanse, it removes make-up and it nourishes  your skin with a mixture of essential oils like Lemon, Jojoba, Orange and Bergamot. The trick with this product is to first apply it with dry hands on dry skin and then follow on with some water to give a milky consistency. I must say however I’ve never seen the milky-ness visually, but whenever I’ve added water the consistency to the touch has changed to what I can only describe as being milky. Then of course because this is an oil it requires a thorough luke-warm wash and pat dry.

It’s available at Clicks for R129.95.

IMG_2199This product was a god-sent. I had (I still have but not as bad as before) very bad acne scaring from a previous hormonal outbreak two years ago…I will fill you in on my skin transformation on a later post. So after using the cleansing oil, I follow it up with the Sorbet Salon Skin Even Tone Corrector. I love the sophistication of this product, with its drop applicator, the packaging as a whole in fact makes you feel like you are using a product of distinct quality. This product has Whitonyl and all the vitamins in the previous product which assist in improving and brightening your skin tone.

It is available at Clicks for R199.95.

Before talking about the final step to my pamper session, let me draw your attention to the wipes.

IMG_2197IMG_2233This is by far among my most favourite day-to-day products. I am falling in love with make-up all over again, but let’s be honest, removing it is a shlep. Some days when I miss my morning gym session I go in the evenings and I do no advise anyone to exercise with make-up on because we sweat during exercise and sweat comes out through our pores, which, if we have make up, are blocked…I’m sure there are dangers associated with this. However personally, due to my skin issues a few years back, I’m very careful with my skin now. Having these makes everything come together perfectly. The one side is beaded with little purple beads that actually perform a sort of massage and exfoliation as you remove your make-up or simply just cleanse, allowing for increased blood circulation in your face, the other side is plain. It’s made from extra-soft spun lace and it feels like a dream against your face. I use both, first the beaded side and then the smooth side. I love the scent as well. There are 25 wipes per pack.

***I struggled to find these on the Clicks site, these were sent to me a few months ago (at the time they cost R49.95) and I also went to my local clicks to look for more and didn’t find them. I’m sincerely praying they are simply out of stock, to return soon…***

My last step:

IMG_2201The Sorbet Salon Skin Hot&Cold Facial Skin Rejuvenator is everything! First thing’s first, I adore gadgets that equip you for future use, this one comes with a charger, a cloth cleaner and a velvet case to keep it in to ensure the surface doesn’t scratch. I’m already sold. What does it do? Now listen to this; this bad boy has … technically, four settings, you can set it to hot, hot sonic/vibrate, cold, and cold sonic. IMAGINE!

The hot massage option is at 42-degrees and helps increase blood circulation and absorbs all skin care products. When you turn on the sonic in this option then you strengthen the effects of the hot massage option.

The cold massage is at 6-degrees and helps to tighten skin, shrink pores, relieve muscle tension and remove fine lines and wrinkles. At the sonic level it strengthens the effect of the cold massage.

The shape of the massage head is such that every nook and curve of ones face is catered for. The machine is set at an automatic time of 2.5 minutes. However one can can determine their own time by switching it off when done or restarting it when more time is required. It is suitable for all skin types.

***I also couldn’t find this online, however on Saturday I saw it at my local Clicks. I’d rather not put up how much it cost all those months ago as I’m sure that it is on our local shelves and likely to cost a bit more now.***

This Sorbet Salon Skin range seeks to place itself as the targeted solution for problematic areas, like breakouts, blemishes and uneven skintone. The Sorbet Salon Skin range combines essential oils (Lemon, Orange & Bergamot), advanced actives (Sepilift ™DPHP) and highly-concentrated Vitamins A,C & E to deliver salon results that will leave your skin feeling renewed and restored. There are a number of other items in the range and I have no doubt they deliver the same results.


Check out how these products actually work on this YouTube video on my channel…like, share, subscribe and all that good stuff 🙂


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