IT’S ONLY a few days short of a year since I officially launched my blog and YouTube channel. I remember in that same month having a conversation with a close family friend about the direction of my channel, and he was … in his own way, trying to advise me to choose aspects of myself that I really wanted to share. He was basically trying to tell me I couldn’t share any and everything as I had intended and people would have to know that Being Vee is the blog/channel to go to for ABC. And honestly, at the time, my defence was: it’s the blog to go to for discovering who Vee is, and I am not a complex creature, but I am someone with a lot of interests and I want to share them all.

Of course, now I realise he was right, but his timing was off. It is a lesson I had to discover for myself, and now I’d like to take my channel and blog on a more focused direction. Yes it will still have splashes of who I am in every other sphere, but mainly it will focus on three things, BEAUTY/FASHION/HAIR; FOOD/HEALTH; and LIFESTYLE. You will still hear stuff about my son here and there because I’m finding parenting the most interesting thing my three decades of living has ever brought my way. But essentially these are my interests. My bag of wisdom and sharing other things outside these three topics will be few and far between. Because I can seldom help myself, they will definitely feature. But for now this is the direction I have chosen and where I will be taking my blogging and vlogging life, and I’ve never had a more fulfilling exhale in my life. DISCLAIMER: I may be here next year this time telling you I changed my mind. LOL LOL!

It’s not always great when you are wrong about something and you have to eat humble pie, but listen, I was wrong and I’m so glad I was because I’ve found out which of my interests outshine the rest. So brace yourselves for some makeup, hair and beauty tips, tutorials and reviews, and hacks; you will also find some lookbooks and fashion advice. You should also be ready to see me get down and dirty in the kitchen, I LOVE COOKING AND BAKING, bet you didn’t know that about me, huh? Huh? Also, as many of you would know by now, I am on a healthy active lifestyle mission, and so far this year it’s been great for me, so you will see some healthy and ‘not so healthy’ meals come up. As some of you may also know, I am raising a child with like every allergy under the sun, and I so want baby Bukhanye to love food (trust me he already does), I don’t want his allergies to be a hinderance in his experience of food and I’m planning to start a little kitchen tradition with him, so keep your eyes posted for those as well. You will also, GOD WILLING, see a bit of travelling in and HOPEFULLY outside of the country with some vlogging for the lifestyle section of my content. That section will also have a few artists featured on a chit chat with me, some you may know and others will be rare finds, so stay tuned. Now hear me out, there’s so much of me that I have kind of decided to remove from this platform, because once again, the family friend I will not mention for fear of big heads, had a point. But I’m a very open person and would appreciate any question or request you guys have about who I am, what I do and content you’d like to see on my platforms.

For now though I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you have shown. This is only just the beginning and trust me when I say, YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!



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