Morning after my big chop

I’M ALMOST four months natural. Meaning that I chopped off my very natural dreadlocks of three years on November 1 2016 and have never looked back! The Big Chop was a highly liberating moment for me, it is as though it were the tipping point of my metamorphosis, and listen hey, I’m loving who I’m becoming in this hair.

There are a number of reasons to why I chose to chop off my hair, however the two main ones are that my soul was craving a change, and the second was I had fallen out of love with my dreadlocks.

Shortly before deciding to chop I went on a hectic natural hair content addiction binge, online and on YouTube. I mean Hectic.

DUDE! Who knew how crazy we had become about our hair? With each passing day this became more and more appealing to me and it was my driving force, seeing gorgeous African hair made me long for my hair before it locked and one day I took the plunge. Technically the last time I relaxed my hair was in 2007, that’s 10 years ago. However there was little to no knowledge on how to care for my hair and I was never really bothered about how healthy it was or should be. I’d cut it when I wanted, subject it to heat whenever I felt like it, and all other natural hair crimes you can imagine. This was true also for the last natural stage of my hair – dreadlocks.

Thank heavens for enlightenment and the strength of the natural hair movement. I mean that with all my heart, because now I will not only know how to treat my own hair right but I can spread the word with my loved ones as well.

I have learnt so much in these four months from my own experiences and from all that content binging and I would love nothing more than to take you along on my journey, share what I have learnt and what I am learning, and I truly hope you can take some gems away from my content just as I have from others.

I have covered a bit on natural hair on my YouTube channel since the year started and I am now officially launching a ‘New 2 Natural’ hair series on this blog as well. I will try have this as ordered as possible, but we know life right, some lessons could care less what our order is. However the aim is to take you step by step on what you need to know and do to maintain a healthy mane. In a way, hopefully dumbing down the noise and simplifying it for you.

Now let me be the first to say I’m no hair guru and what I will be sharing is merely experience based and based on personal interest. It is neither prescriptive nor is it the be it and end all of all things natural hair, HOWEVER, it is created with the desire to make your journey easier and fruitful. And unfortunately it will focus mainly on my hair type and need, but a majority of these elements are transferrable. So in as much as I may not be the authority on hair, I do put in a bit of research to ensure that I give you the exact same advice I give myself on hair matters.

And here’s the tell tale, we just have to watch my hair (if you wont take the plunge with me) grow.

Here’s to sharing another exciting part of my life with you all!


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