I WAS an early bloomer. One of those girls who started their period in primary school, so you can imagine the hormonal mess that followed on my skin. I spent parts of my primary and high school battling some or other form of skin situation, if I was not breaking out due to access oils and all the hormones then it seemed to the naked eye that I had acne.

Anyway in my later high school years this really bothered my mom and she took me to see a dermatologist. Now I had already learnt to live with this, but the consultation included a free facials, so YASSS!

The dermatologist prescribed contraceptive pills, I was 16 going on to 17 and though my mom asked a lot of random questions about this prescription out of fear, she eventually okayed it and for a month I was on the pill, and listen honey, listen, never has there been any skin so radiant and so smooth, like ever!

But then I must say, for me it was somewhat awkward being on the pill and somewhere along the line, before even going into my matric year I had stopped using it and life went on. And of course my skin reverted back to its old messy self – no shock to me, I had already learnt to live with it.


In varsity however I began really focusing and investing on a skin regimen and this assisted my skin drastically, and in my honours year I decided to try the pill once more and this boosted the results that I had already begun seeing. There has never been anything more tidious than taking that stupid pill, lol but it had to be done and for a number of years after that I did that and my skin was chocolate smooth and the talk of the town. Even when one day randomly I decided to stop taking it, only a few years ago, my skin retained it’s flawlessness.

Until one day in early 2014 after noticing a strange delay in my period, more pain when it came, it lasting longer than usual and just the nasty stubborn breakouts on my skin, I went to see my GP who suggested I visit the gynea for a scan.

And there it was, lodged in my womb was a foreign growth, or rather an endometrial polyp as diagnosed by the specialist and it needed to be biopsied and removed.

I remember crying that day. I mean I was not even 30 years old then and all sorts of things ran through my mind, what if I had cancer, what if I’d never ever have children (we know how that story ends). Anyway I had a day procedure where the polyp was sucked out of my womb while I was under local anesthetic. The results of the biopsy showed it was benign, life continued, my skin improved and then I fell pregnant at the end of that year.


I went through the most with my skin during my pregnancy with Bukhanye. THE MOST!

However shortly after giving birth I started using the Herbalife Skin range, and honestly I’m indebted to this brand. My skin bounced back to a radiance deeper and better than I had known in a while and everyone wanted to know my secret, especially because this happened so quickly after starting with these products.

My skin has only started acting up again now that I’m pregnant, but I had no problems since being on these products.

Some may argue that my pregnancy hormones aggrevated the situation and once I’d given birth they calmed it again. This may also be true, but I battled after the doctor removed the polyp, to get back to a healthy looking skin because of the hormonal changes that had occurred in my body at the time.


It may have been a culmination of things, but I cannot deny the fact that when I started consuming Herbalife and using their skin care my skin took a turn for the better.

With all that said, I’d just like to emphasize on this. During our pursuit for beauty and style, I just pray that we treat our skin with all the respect it deserves as the canvass on which we create our most beautiful masterpieces.

Until next time


P.S Playing around with the idea of doing a skin care series on the blog…let me know what you think.

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