I like being prepared. On my first wash day after chopping my hair I made sure I had majority of what was needed to kickstart a healthy hair journey. The rest I collected along the way. If you have just these 10 things to start with you will be starting on a great footing.


Any kind of shampoo, as long as it suits your preferences and your individual hair’s needs. Remember I mentioned that low porosity hair benefits from shampoo with sulfate. So do some research on your own hair, as sulfate does strip hair of its natural oils during the cleansing period. Learn ways to protect your hair from this while at the same time ridding it of product build up. Sulfate-free shampoos are indeed gentler on the hair but may not necessary do a thorough job at cleansing or clarifying your hair.


It’s a hard habit to start, but for healthy hair growth we need to get into the habit of massaging our sculps. This generates blood circulation to the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. A shampoo brush does the same thing during the shampoo process in addition to thoroughly cleaning your sculp. It’s a handy tool to have, but if you do not have one you can always use your hands.


After the harshness of the shampoo you want to restore some lubricant back into your hair to restore your oils and also to make your hair soft and manageable. This is the part in the wash routine where you detangle your hair as well. So it is advisable when looking for a conditioner to research how slippery it is. A conditioner with a great deal of slip will ensure easier painfree detangling. This step also adds to healthy hair growth.


During my TWA stage a detangling wide tooth comb did wonders for me on a wash day because at that stage it is difficult to section ones hair or to finger detangle. After a while however finger detangling becomes more advisable and easier on longer hair. See what works best for you.


It is advisable to treat your hair during wash days. It is the best kept secret for hair growth and your hairs most favourite treat as it responds well to this step. Deep conditioners are available in large tubs or individual sachets. Different deep conditioners and other various treatments meet specific needs, so be sure to look out for what that specific treatment or deep conditioner claims. All deep conditioners require heat or to be insulated for a number of minures in order to penetrate the hair and do what they claim.


Most natties don’t have deep conditioning caps, hooded dryers or steamers. So a shower cap or even a plastic bag from the local grocery store will suffice. After applying the deep conditioner as instructed you can then cover your hair with a shopwer cap or plastic bag. For maximum insulation you can double or even tripple the cap or bag and wrap your head with a warm towel for the number of minutes indicated.


A towel directely on your natural hair can be damaging due to the material towels are made of. To avoid breakage and maintain length retention it is advised to dry your hair after washing with an old tshirt. You can choose to cut it in half or use it as is. It is much gentler on your tresses.


Once you have dried your hair with the tshirt and before it is completely dry, wait before you style and rather start with your LOC method, or whichever variation works for you. Massage your liquid or leave-in into your hair being mindful of your roots, edges and ends.


Follow on with an oil of choice. Do some research as to which oils best suit your hair type, this is where you would use oils like coconut oil, almond oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and the likes. This helps to seal in all that moisture from the leave in and keeps your hair hydrated.


This also helps in the sealing process and keeps the oil in tact. Figure out if your hair needs this step or not. After this step feel free to style your hair as desired or simply leave it as is. I would advise against any combing, the less manipulation on your strands the better.

Do you know of any other essentials for wash day? Do share in the comment section below!

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