My darling daughter. So much of life goes unsaid, and I hope to never leave you in doubt about a number of things. However on this your first birthday here are some lessons I want to share with you hoping you would not only regard them but that you would practice them.


It doesn’t matter their position in society’s imaginary hierarchy, by virtue of their being human, everyone deserves your respect. Everyone older than you is as good as being your mother or your father, treat them as such. Treat your peers with respect and they will in turn respect you. Never miss an opportunity to be kind.


Love, love loud and unashamed! Love is not limited to romantic relationships. Love yourself. Love those in your immediate contact. Love your brother. Love your peers. Most importantly love your life, work hard for a life you can relive a million times over. And also love solitude.


Never stop learning. Grow your knowledge through books, school, higher learning, experience and personal development. Learn from others, not everything is worth repeating. And take time to learn a few things about yourself. Your self knowledge and awareness should surpass anything anyone will ever tell you about you.


Life is short. It’s a darn old cliché but it is true. Live while you can, and most importantly enjoy your youth. Set very few limits for yourself. The limits you set should be out of consideration for others and not out of fear. As long as it is within reason I will always be there to propel you to the next level of living. Live a fierce, fearless life. Live intentionally. Live on purpose. Set no barriers for yourself, do the things that keep you up at night. Hopefully you will not always need me to propel you, with these things I’m sure you can make a worthwhile living.


This is the one thing that keeps me alive. Dream large, dream huge, and never let no one tell you anything is impossible. You are capable, able and more than equiped to make your dreams come true. When in doubt surround yourself with people that will affirm you. Do not share your dreams with just about everyone, but do tell someone so that one day if none is accomplished you will have someone to account to. Even when you attain your dreams, dream even more. Never stop, we are never too old and nothing is as fulfilling as a dream actualised.


If someone had told me long ago that the true purpose of life is to love and be happy I would have saved myself a lot of years. Do not waste time on anything or anyone that makes you unhappy. You should also strive to bring joy with you wherever you go without losing yourself, your values or your morals. Life is a never ending pursuit of happiness. I pray that you would learn that it first has to exist within before you can share it with anyone else. Work hard and work on yourself the hardest.


I hold no one hostage for their beliefs. I do however implore you to believe in something bigger than yourself. Pray, but don’t pray like everyone else does, with all the theatrics and noise. Speak to your higher self, the being that lives within with respect and a sober mind. Share with it your dreams, your hopes, your fears and your beliefs. Speak life to your inner man and demand a manifestation of your faith. There is no time for prayer. Just as you pick up the phone as and when you need to talk to me do the same when you need to prompt your spiritual man. If we are indeed made in the image of God then a piece of him is alive inside of all of us, cultivate that piece within your own soul and trust it with all your might, it will never lead you astray.


And when doubt surfaces in the various chapters of life, believe me it will. Remember that heaven chose me for you and every day I live is a testament of just how grateful I am to mother you. I will always be here to pick you up, to clean you up and to love on you even on days when you are hateful and no one will have you, not even yourself.

Happy first birthday beautiful. I intend to spend all my life affirming that you are deserving of a genuine love. I am already elated in who you have become in this year and I can’t wait for the seasons to mold and change you into a finer being. I love you more than you can ever comprehend.


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