I was reluctant to catch on to this wave you guys. This is me being honest. And as with most things I am honestly a late bloomer at heart. Andizenzisi. Anyway I had a wig my aunt gave to me, I’m busy trying to maneuver that one, but this is the first Wig I ever bought myself and definitely the first wig I’ve ever worn for longer than a couple of minutes.

And let me tell you, I’M HOOKED. Wow!

So one Sunday I decided to stroll through Mall of Africa, knowing pretty well I’d stop by Hair City since I had been visiting their website on and off and placing random things in the shopping cart but never actually being brave enough to make a purchase. This was the first Wig that caught my eye and the rest was history. No I lie, one other came pretty close, and I fitted both, the other one haunts my dreams, yessie, had I known this is what I was signing up for, honestly.

Customer service was a bit iffy, I visited the store during rush hour I guess and the lady at the front was all alone and all of us had our demands. What I do appreciate though is they sold me what I wanted even though it was the display item because I said it was okay, rather that than settle, and the lady went ahead and cut my lace for me so perfectly (lol I would have had to YouTube that just to be sure I did it right lol).

I wore the wig for the first time on my birthday, captured in the images that accompany this post. Underneath the wig my hair was in twists, not even cornrows, rookie. Lol.

The Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig Harmony 115 is a Futura heat resistant fibre material. Mine cost R1 249 and is in the colour 1B. It can be washed, and can withstand heat at 180 degrees as it is a Human Hair Mastermix wig. It cannot be dyed.



It is a soft texture wig, very natural to the touch. There is only one parting though and it is at the center, though that does not restrict us creatives. The wig has clip in combs and an elastic strap to stay in place, which if I must be honest has always been my fear with wigs, what if I move my head too far and too fast and it falls off, well now I know, a wig is not a hat. Also I’m learning that if I want to ensure no slip ups I need to invest in some decent edge control that will also help keep the wig in place. We learn new things every day I tell you. I also felt good in this piece of hair, it’s been years since I had a weave, so this makes all the sense to me because it will last as good as you keep it and you don’t have to have it on all the time.

Bobs are the in look these days, they practically suite just about anyone. Having taken note of my pear shaped face, high cheek bones and almost big forehead I knew it would be a toss between this timeless look or something full and curly (which is a hint for the other wig I saw).

What’s great about mixed hair wigs also is that they come at an affordable price. Some of the costs on wigs that I have seen are so unreasonable and unjustifiable for me at this point in my life. I was happy paying this much on this piece knowing what I was getting and how I looked in it, plus Hair City is a reputable brand. You don’t always have to break the bank to look good.

One thing I will say though is that the hair does shed which is such a pity. It’s pretty easy to maintain, I didn’t put any heat on it the 2 days I wore it and a simple brush through was enough to achieve the look I desired. I would need to first invest in some heat protectant before messing around with heat on this purchase.

All in all it’s a great first-time purchase and I’m already itching for that next one.


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