Now that August is gone

Now that August is gone

In August I decided to try my hand at VEDA (Video Every Day). It’s a YouTube tradition which usually falls in April and August every year for all those who would like to partake in it next year.

Juggling that and the blog was obviously never going to work, so I never did try. Sadly though to add insult to injury I managed to only post 20 of the 31 videos I shot. A part of me wanted to upload the outstanding 11 anyway, but I realised something, it’s okay to test the waters sometimes and see how well you’ll swim. I have my reasons for falling off a day before my mother’s birthday and travelling to the Eastern Cape, prioritizing time at home and coming back and catching up on my work and monthly deliverables. So 20 consecutive videos is better than nothing I have come to accept and you know what? I’m okay with that.

August was also a very emotionally testing month, it took a lot out of me to breathe. As if that wasn’t enough life still deemed it great timing to dish me some lessons. Talk about kicking someone while they are down! Lessons learnt and I’m all geared up for September and I have a few things up my sleeve for you which I sincerely hope you will enjoy.

In the meantime please don’t hesitate to go onto my YouTube channel and browse through my August content, and while at it PLEASE subscribe and engage.

I love you very very much.
Until next time.

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