No more chapped lips || Vaseline Lip Therapy

No more chapped lips || Vaseline Lip Therapy

One uncomfortably parched day in December, lips cracking, throats dry and errands mounting I decided to rush into a Dischem to do something about those lips.

I mean, who actually hears you when you speak to them through chapped lips? Be honest?

Anyway, with one mission in mind I headed right for the exit aisles and it was there that I found Vaseline’s latest beaut. AND NO, THIS IS NOT A PROMO, NOT AN ADVERT AND NONE OF THIS IS SPONSORED. Just a girl looking out for you and trying to put you on to something real good.

I’ve really never been a big fan of Vaseline. So many people swear by it, and despite efforts it’s always given me black heads around the edges of my lips, perhaps I owe that to my already oily skin or something, I don’t know, go figure. I decided to give the brand one last chance, I mean after all this time around the product was developed just for the lips right?

Let me be upfront and say in the 3 or so weeks of use, I’ve developed all of one black head on the edge of my lips. This is a major improvement, and the bleary thing is barely noticeable so I’m happy to say the least.

The product itself? I love the packaging. I picked the Rosy Lips variant with rose and sweet almond oil, and it stayed true to its claim of soothing dry lips and providing lip therapy. By the time I was done with errands my lips had undergone a sort of natural exfoliation and by the following day they were smooth and treated. This is how I knew this was going to be a staple product for me.

Add to that the scorching summer heat we experienced, this was my only lip ointment during my holiday and it really served me well.

There are other variants with different colours to the pink, but the pink is so feminine and therefore an automatic drawcard for me. Imagine me finding the mint or green variant by my dad’s bedside table when I got home. I wanted to scream ‘twinsies’ lol, but no, I didn’t, he may have been horrified actually.

Vaseline also took time to make the scent just right, pleasant to the nose and not overpowering. They have also stayed true to the worldwide known and appreciated Vaseline texture, so you will not experience anything else when you put it on your lips. Lastly the 20g tub is very big and could definitely last one a number of month before a refill is required which is ideal. I’m seriously considering getting a second one for my office drawer.

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