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February 7, 2019

We so often neglect ourselves under the guise of being too busy or taking care of home or business or whatever excuse comes quickest to our minds.

Over the years I have been so guilty of this, having my children was the main excuse I gave, and also being busy doing life and advancing myself through work and school. I convinced myself that there was really little to no time for me, and so I allowed life to throw me this way and that like a ship in a storm.

It occurred to me – unfortunately after much damage – that this was not the path for me and it was actually making me feel unhappy and unanchored. This year I’ve decided to do something about that and I hope you will enjoy my process in the #mbs series which should run on my YouTube channel and on the blog.

Feel free to share what you do for personal development, mental health, physical health and overall peace in the comment section below.

I am obviously learning that this is a lesson in patience above all else.

Until next time.
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