This is one of those years that will be filled with endless introspection, most things in my life are at a significant point, including my own life.

I always tell the story of my playing with the idea of blogging exactly 10 years ago now, and stumbling upon YouTube about 7-8 years ago now and only daring to do anything meaningful 4 years ago.

Impostor syndrome is real, and it’s a topic for another day. Today, I want to focus on the lessons I’ve learned while dipping my toes in the water. We will also talk about the regrets, in fact, let’s start there, there by regret avenue, corner of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, basically the worst area to live full stop.

I’ve spent the past 4 years mourning the time I lost. If I had trusted my instinct and dived head first in 2010 I would definitely be far. If I had been consistent when I started 4 years ago I’d be way further than I am now. If I’d broken out of my shell and actually networked when I got to Joburg I’d be close to where I could’ve been. And so on the regrets play in my head.

Something I learned recently is that we are where we are and living out our lives just as they should be in this very moment.

When 1 January hit and I realized the Vuvu Vena brand was turning 4, I vowed to remain true to my own story. The truth is, I didn’t dive head first, I wasn’t consistent, I didn’t break out of my shell, but that’s all in the past, and in a time that I can do nothing about. But today, right now, and tomorrow, can truly be different.

To my brand, called after my namesake, I vow that the 20s are for us, I will stop at nothing to tell a different story in 2030.

Vuvu Vena, you have come so far, but you are absolutely worth so much more than I have given. You are a never dying dream, you haunt me when I’m awake and you cover me when I’m asleep. Even in the years that were supposedly filled with so much regret, you were the one thing that could pull me out of any storm and any darkness. To say you kept me alive is a million words shy of the truth, so many times you played back my heartbeat when I was drowning. I owe you plenty, but one thing I can guarantee, you and I are in for a hell of a decade baby! This time around I’m giving back to you what you have given to me!

Let’s go!


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