The LM Naturals Experience: To The Salon

The LM Naturals Experience: To The Salon

LM Naturals, founded by Lerato Malefahlo, is situated inside the Co Space in Midrand. I had the honour of visiting Lerato’s salon recently because my 4C needed some TLC and man was it a treat.

The cosy salon has a clean and fresh ambience about it and the staff, Sino and Acquiline are not only friendly but very intentional with their treatment of natural hair. Sino, who was my primary stylist on the day used Oh Lay hair products for my treatment that day, which I absolutely loved.

It’s no secret that I’ve become ‘lazy’ with a lot of elements of my life lately, especially this year as it was dedicated to navigating this new season of having no help, working 9-5, and trying my hand at other things as well, so it was a given that some self-care/or feel good aspects of my life would be ‘forgotten’. Well, never did I imagine it would be to this extent.

Some may say I’ve become a lazy naturalist over the years, nothing could be further from the truth, I just wish I had the spell to create more time around a day lol. On the day I visited LM Naturals my hair was madly tangled and clogged up with all manner of gels, glues and edge control. I will take no judgment.

Sino was very intentional with her treatment and care. Using the various steps in the Oh Lay journey from detangling to leave in, she worked on my hair with great care. I loved the fact that the chosen products were specific to natural hair and that they all promoted growth. Sino’s detangling technique didn’t put any strain on my hair and scalp. I also loved the fact that no combs were used during this process and add to this no heat either!

I can truly say that I have found a home for my natural hair. The price range is affordable, the care is exceptional and the staff makes one feel right at home.

If you’re interested in booking your own experience with LM Naturals, here are some details:
Cell: 079 849 1296
Facebook/Instagram: @lmnaturals

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