How I lost 11kg in 2021

How I lost 11kg in 2021

We all seek to lose weight for any myriad of reasons really. I learned long ago not to personalise anyone’s weight loss journey or assume to know their reasons to want to drop a few kilos.

For me personally, I think when it first dawned on me (many moons ago) that I’d gained weight I had no interest in loosing it, until fitting into the types of clothes I see myself wearing in my head became a problem, and by then I was too far gone. Add to that, I had started to feel very heavy.


My biggest thing though was ‘how on earth is the scale showing a 3 digit figure when I step on, no, and no”. And that’s been my obsession ever since, to hit the double digits and then figure out what I really want from there. Some days I feel like I could rock the 90kg’s domain with sass, coz let’s face it, I’m tall enough to make it work. Others (thanks to all the info I’ve gathered trying to lose weight over the years) I’m like ‘but you know you would be your healthiest around the 70kg’s mark’. I’m constantly battling these two narratives because, let’s face it, we’re not all looking for the six-pack, fit life nor do we absolutely abhor how we currently look. We just want that sweet spot where the person looking back in the mirror makes sense to us.

That’s why I thought I’d share this detailed video, meal plan, times I ate, when I slipped up etc on how I managed to drop 11kg, on a budget, with minimal effort, little products and eating clean this year. Also, the upside is the weight has stayed off, I’m still counting off kgs every week.

Have you been on your own weigh loss journey? How’s it going? Would you consider this kind of ‘diet’?

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