Sometimes I do nails, on actual people

Sometimes I do nails, on actual people

I’ve been fiddling with gel nails for a very long time if I’m being honest. It only dawned on me this year that the curiosity goes beyond just doing my own nails, to touching and fiddling with other people’s.

I know, if you know me you are probably thinking that penny too a while to drop. All that matters is that it did, okay, let’s stick to what matters.

My sister’s friend recently let me play with her nails. There’s an unspoken therapy in here that those nail techs don’t tell us about lol, anyway, self teaching is really a struggle with practical things that need other humans to perfect. My little sister has been a sport, she’s brought her own hands and her friends as well. Lol. It’s been invaluable time for me, and has affirmed my love for this, we’ll see what the universe has in store. For now, we practise, practise and practise.

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