A brow trick for the lazy girl

A brow trick for the lazy girl

I remember the intimidation that was brows way back when I started fiddling with makeup. I would do full looks without any brows (Sometimes literally wiping them off with foundation because I knew no better) or lashes, because let’s be honest, that is some other level of talent.

When I finally realised that my face was brow-less, I started playing around with shaping on ungroomed brows. The headache, the silliness…but we all go through something or other on our way to where we’re going. Back then I settled for whatever shape I got. To be honest, most days I still do. Brows and lashes take up majority of my makeup routine. And here’s what they don’t tell you, no matter how much of a pro you assume yourself to be, brows and lashes will still kick your butt on your best days.

So with the fiddling, I stumbled on this hack that I still use today. It’s a pleasure. LOL

Let me know if you try it.

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