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Ready, set, 2021

May this be a year unlike any other. May you dare yourself beyond what you presume your limitations are, may you embrace who you are and what you are able to do. May you do it all, no matter the fear, and do it well. Let go of whatever else you have said and believed […]

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My biggest lesson of 2020

I’m BAAAACK. I needed a young “detox” after vlogmas. But we’re back now and here’s to a great year 🥂 I thought I’d hone down my 2020 into one important lesson that I learned from the forced isolation. The year was brutal by all counts, I hope that somehow we can all identify that one […]

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Gazing inward

Do you set a phrase for yourself in the new year or are you one of those who take the days as they come? Personally, I may be a mix of both. I like to know that there is a compass when I need one, but there are days when I just let it be […]

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Big Girl Blues | YouTube


So as with any food, I top up as regularly as I can, with Herbalife though I try limit it to twice a month at most. I’ve learned the art of stocking up as much as I need to sustain me for a month. Here’s one of those hauls I had recently, it includes a […]

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Beauty | YouTube


This is still the most intimidating part of my make up routine, followed closely by highlighter. However, for some arb reason so many people have asked me to share my process. Well there it is, in every imperfection, lol, right on brand. xoxo Vuvu

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