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Would you believe me if I said the moments of being guilt-free since giving birth to my son in September 2015 have been few if at all. I am a constant ball of anxiety and panic and guilt because, like most people who would admit it and own it, I didn’t plan for my kids. […]

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My darling daughter. So much of life goes unsaid, and I hope to never leave you in doubt about a number of things. However on this your first birthday here are some lessons I want to share with you hoping you would not only regard them but that you would practice them. TREAT PEOPLE WELL […]

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Now that winter is here, we will transition in our dress sense in order to protect our bodies from the harm that can be caused by cold dry weather. What abour our hair? I hope this gives you enough information about protective styling to help you decide on how you will decorate your crown during […]

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