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Ready, set, 2021

May this be a year unlike any other. May you dare yourself beyond what you presume your limitations are, may you embrace who you are and what you are able to do. May you do it all, no matter the fear, and do it well. Let go of whatever else you have said and believed […]

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Gazing inward

Do you set a phrase for yourself in the new year or are you one of those who take the days as they come? Personally, I may be a mix of both. I like to know that there is a compass when I need one, but there are days when I just let it be […]

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This is by far the most life changing insight I’ve heard all year. Earlier on in the year while talking to my therapist around the season my life is in she mentioned how we are so quick to talk about self-care, what about self-compassion? I was very quick to tell her that many of us […]

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I learnt pretty early on my journey that knowing your hair was a winning formula. Though our hair may look the same to the naked eye, so much of the unseen goes into making it what it is. Mostly it is a mixture of genetics, hair type and texture, porosity and density levels. All these […]

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If you read my wig review you would have seen my birthday beauty haul. My shopping spree in May had three parts, this is the second insert. It was fun and gratifying to finally focus on me for a change!  

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My darling daughter. So much of life goes unsaid, and I hope to never leave you in doubt about a number of things. However on this your first birthday here are some lessons I want to share with you hoping you would not only regard them but that you would practice them. TREAT PEOPLE WELL […]

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